Este post vai directamente para o segmento Geek. Trata-se de uma competição organizada pela Ericsson que consiste em desenvolver aplicações móveis recorrendo a API desenvolvidas igualmente pela Ericsson. O prémio é aliciante: 20.000€. Portanto, "code for cash"!

Welcome to the Ericsson Application Awards - an opportunity for student developers to gain exposure with the telecom world and have a chance to win upwards of EUR 20,000 in prize money.
Develop an application that address at least one of the categories related to the theme "Everyday life: Sustainable, Social and Fun" and build your applications on at least one Ericsson Labs enabler.
We recommend the following platforms: Java ME, Android and Browser based platforms
In the First round 14 teams will be selected and each registered team member win one mobile phone each. The winner in the final round wins Euro 20 000, second place is awarded with Euro 15 000 and third place is awarded with Euro 10 000. The prize money will be shared equally among the registered team members. The winning teams will be contacted to ensure payment of prize. Finalists will be announced on the Ericsson Application Award portal.
Deadlines 2010
March 5 – Last date for registration of competing teams (Team Signup)
March 20 – Last date for submission of application
March 30 – Announcing winners in the first round and start of beta-test
May 20 – Announce finalist teams
The winners will be awarded at the Ericsson Application Awards ceremony in June 2010

Video demonstrativo do que se pode fazer com uma dessas API:

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